Cell Phone Users Go Wild Over New Free Technology

Written by John Doe on June 11th, 2007

When's the last time you've been truly excited over your mobile phone bill? Odds are, it's been a while- if at all! But what better way to get excited over a cell phone plan if it costs next to nothing for all of the latest features? If you aren't already up in arms, ready for the new (free) technology, prepared to get excited Every second there are thousands of tiny packets of information being shot into space, where it hits satellites only to be shot back down to different locations. We call this process text messaging- perhaps the world's most popular ...

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Worldwide Brands-top 3 Reasons to Run an Ebay Business

Written by John Doe on July 11th, 2007

A great way to get rid of product is to sell it on eBay to tons of consumers who are suffering the web for what they want. Wouldn’t like to have your own business were you can go and make absurd amounts of money by just selling products that people would want. Well I am going to tell you a couple of reasons why that you should start you own eBay business. The reasons are because you can make your own schedule, If you get the product for a low price then you will be racking in tons of money, ...

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8 Things to Do at the Ballpark (besides Watch the Game)

Written by John Doe on August 11th, 2007

There are many things a person can do at the Ballpark apart from just watching the game. Though watching the game is part of the Ballpark itinerary, it is a different thing about enjoying the visit to the stadium, home to US' National League's Cincinnati Reds. As the game starts only towards the evening there is plenty of time for people to go around the area and engage in useful activity. To begin with, visitors can take a guided tour of the Ballpark which has plenty of attractions. For instance, it maintains lush gardens with full of sculptures and fountains and ...

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To Put Romance in Your Relationship Here are 5 Adult Romance Ideas

Written by John Doe on September 11th, 2007

When you are in a relationship it is not always easy to keep the romance going. Too many people find that their relationship is lacking romance in a big way but they don't know how to change that. It is not as hard as you may think to come up with adult romantic ideas that you can choose to try. So here are some romance ideas to help you. There are so many adult romance ideas that you can choose to try. You just have to pick the romance idea that seems right for you. If it turns out to be ...

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Casino Party Planning

Written by John Doe on October 11th, 2007

A casino party can be a great idea for any individual or company planning an event. Different types of casino events include stag parties, Jack and Jills, birthdays, poker tournaments, corporate events, graduation parties, reunions, and more. Finding a casino party planner who specializes in fun casino events in your area does not have to be a discouraging task. In most large metropolitan areas across North America, you will find several companies who specialize in casino entertainment. There are a few key elements you should look for when you choose a casino party company. First of all, does the company offer ...

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Featured Article

Being Smart When Being Green

by John Doe
January 11th, 2008

smart-green.jpg With the need for turning your home into the green home for the sake of our planet, the problem is what do you do with your old “not-so-green” products? It is great to replace as many items as possible that will help the environment, but most people have no idea what to do with the items after the change.

Sure, if you need to purchase a new light bulb or a computer, try your best to purchase from companies that have a recycling program or information about recycling of products. Many many items that are being replaced are made from “not so friendly” materials and should be properly disposed of so that they do not end up in our landfills.

Computers: When you purchase a new energy saving computer (and the latest computers use about 25% less energy than older models, consider recycling by donating to your local school or church.

Here is the link you can visit to help find where you can recycle your batteries.

If all else fails, plant a tree! Not only does it reduce CO2 in the air, but it also helps fight global warming!

Great, now that your home is a green home, what matches with green?

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Recent Articles

Amazon: A-z of Global Warming

by John Doe
February 11th, 2008

iceberg.jpg The phrase global warming is a term that has been in common usage for some time and usually refers to the warming of Earth’s atmosphere, and which also implies a manmade or human influence.

Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of many gases, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapour to name a few. These gases are collectively called greenhouse gases and they keep the Earth’s temperature at a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius, without them Earth would be a chilly - 18 degrees Celsius. Since pre-industrial times, usually taken to be around 1750 we know from ice core records that Co2 levels were around 280 ppm, that’s 280 parts of Co2 per million parts of air. As industrialisation got underway mankind started to farm the land more intensely than ever before, deforest for agriculture and settlements, and later since around 1850 or so, burn fossil fuels for energy …

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Your College Application Essay: Is It All About You?

by John Doe
January 11th, 2008

college.jpg The personal college essay is often difficult. What can you say about yourself that will take up 500 or 1,000 words? Does the idea of such writing make you anxious? Fear not, the personal essay process may not be as arduous as you think!

An admissions advisor or committee will pay careful attention to your personal essay. This will give them a good idea of you as a person. It will indicate what your personality is like, what your goals are, and any interests you currently have.

You should check on the essay requirements even before you plan to write. Some schools may require 500 words while others may want a different length. Some facilities may want a double-spaced essay with 1-inch margins while others may not be as concerned with detail.

When you’ve found what is required, it’s time to start writing. Don’t feel pressured as most essays, …

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Protecting Your Car’s Exterior Against Bugs and Debris

by John Doe
December 11th, 2007

car.jpg The front end of your car is exposed to various potentially-harmful elements. That is why the hood is made—to secure and protect vital engine components. Despite the protection that the hood provides, however, small road debris are still able to get through. Moreover, there’s nothing to protect the windscreen from pesky insects that leave disgusting stains when they crash on the glass. To avoid this from happening, Honda owners can install Honda bug shields. These useful accessories keep away not only bugs but also small rocks that may cause scratches on the surface of your gleaming windscreen.

Each Honda bug shield is made from lightweight and durable materials. As much as it protects your car, it also enhances the appeal of the vehicle, which achieves a sporty look. Most Honda bug shields are designed to have a smoked effect—a stylish and complementary texture to the car’s …

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One More Review of is He Dead for Broadway

by John Doe
November 11th, 2007

42nd.jpg Review of Is he dead make us wish to get the best tickets possible to the show that everybody seems to be talking about. The show is based on an adaptation of Mark Twain’s work. The play had been written in 1898, but was published only as late as 2002.

Get Tickets To The Show

Many have purchased tickets after reading the review of Is he dead, a hit Broadway show. The show is about an artist, who fakes his own death. He resorts to take that desperate step due to the fact that he owes a lot of money and as a dealer had suggested that the current market is only for art work done by dead artists. The ensuing confusion makes for a most entertaining evening.

The play has been directed by Michael Blakemore, who has made this play immensely watchable. The costumes by Martin Pakledinaz …

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Dog Rescue Groups and Canine Adoption

by John Doe
March 12th, 2007

dogs.jpg One of the kindest and most caring things a person can do for a homeless dog is to adopt them. Life has thrown them a curve ball and you can be there to straighten it out. Before you take that step you need to make sure you are ready with the preparation and commitment necessary so the dog does not have to relive this nightmare.

There are many different rescue organizations in every state. Many times each organization is focused on one breed although this is not always true. Most are well run and provide a valuable service to the misplaced canine as well as community in general. In terms of picking an organization, it is important that you pick one you can trust as there are some scam artists out there that will try to take advantage of the situation.

Sometimes there are even unscrupulous breeders …

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