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Protecting Your Car’s Exterior Against Bugs and Debris

by John Doe
December 11th, 2007

car.jpg The front end of your car is exposed to various potentially-harmful elements. That is why the hood is made—to secure and protect vital engine components. Despite the protection that the hood provides, however, small road debris are still able to get through. Moreover, there’s nothing to protect the windscreen from pesky insects that leave disgusting stains when they crash on the glass. To avoid this from happening, Honda owners can install Honda bug shields. These useful accessories keep away not only bugs but also small rocks that may cause scratches on the surface of your gleaming windscreen.

Each Honda bug shield is made from lightweight and durable materials. As much as it protects your car, it also enhances the appeal of the vehicle, which achieves a sporty look. Most Honda bug shields are designed to have a smoked effect—a stylish and complementary texture to the car’s …

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