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8 Things to Do at the Ballpark (besides Watch the Game)

by John Doe
August 11th, 2007

There are many things a person can do at the Ballpark apart from just watching the game. Though watching the game is part of the Ballpark itinerary, it is a different thing about enjoying the visit to the stadium, home to US’ National League’s Cincinnati Reds. As the game starts only towards the evening there is plenty of time for people to go around the area and engage in useful activity.

To begin with, visitors can take a guided tour of the Ballpark which has plenty of attractions. For instance, it maintains lush gardens with full of sculptures and fountains and colorful plants and flowers. Visit this area to click a picture that can be part of your memorabilia. If the stadium does not interested and if you are somebody more keen on exploring the outdoors, then there is the Ohio River, which flows very close to ballpark. Go to river and enjoy or relax till the match hour nears.

During the match, do not miss to watch the Pepsi power stacks located towards the right center field. The smoke stacks, inspired by river boats, emit smoke apart from launching fire works whenever the home team makes a crucial score. This is one of the most sought after attractions in the Ballpark stadium. So keep your eyes and ears targeted on this.

Apart from these, there are added attractions such as sculptures that depict the spirit of the American baseball. The sculpture is that of a young boy attempting to draw inspiration from peers such as fielder, pitcher and batter. Sculpted by local artists such as Paul Brooke and Todd Myers, this is a favorite photography point for visitors to ballpark. At times, there is a mad rush to pose with the sculpture for the photograph. So do not miss an opportunity of photo shoot.

There is another attraction – the mosaic – which has been created to pay tribute to two legendry players of the Reds team. It is worth a visit to this mosaic since it is one of the most popular tourism places of interest.

If you are somebody more interested in issues relating to nature and landscape, then visit the area which sports the Panoramas. The Panoramas are basically visuals bearing the imitations of Mount Adams, Cincinnati, river Ohio and Northern Kentucky. It does not matter if you miss visiting all these spots. But the must visit spot within the Ballpark is the Crosley Terrace.

The Crosley Terrace is part of American baseball history. It consists of bronze statues of Crosley era stars of the game such as Ernie Lombardi, Frank Robinson, Joe Nuxhall and Ted Kluszewski, all stars in their own right. These stars over the years have been decorated and now their bronze statues are depicted in their true spirit. All the stars are depicted playing the game and what could be a better opportunity to take the photograph with the stars in action!

The last but not the least place that should be visited is the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, which depicts the history and the evolution of the Ballpark.

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