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Amazon: A-z of Global Warming

by John Doe
February 11th, 2008

iceberg.jpg The phrase global warming is a term that has been in common usage for some time and usually refers to the warming of Earth’s atmosphere, and which also implies a manmade or human influence.

Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of many gases, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapour to name a few. These gases are collectively called greenhouse gases and they keep the Earth’s temperature at a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius, without them Earth would be a chilly - 18 degrees Celsius. Since pre-industrial times, usually taken to be around 1750 we know from ice core records that Co2 levels were around 280 ppm, that’s 280 parts of Co2 per million parts of air. As industrialisation got underway mankind started to farm the land more intensely than ever before, deforest for agriculture and settlements, and later since around 1850 or so, burn fossil fuels for energy …

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