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Being Smart When Being Green

by John Doe
January 11th, 2008

smart-green.jpg With the need for turning your home into the green home for the sake of our planet, the problem is what do you do with your old “not-so-green” products? It is great to replace as many items as possible that will help the environment, but most people have no idea what to do with the items after the change.

Sure, if you need to purchase a new light bulb or a computer, try your best to purchase from companies that have a recycling program or information about recycling of products. Many many items that are being replaced are made from “not so friendly” materials and should be properly disposed of so that they do not end up in our landfills.

Computers: When you purchase a new energy saving computer (and the latest computers use about 25% less energy than older models, consider recycling by donating to your …

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