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Cell Phone Users Go Wild Over New Free Technology

by John Doe
June 11th, 2007

When’s the last time you’ve been truly excited over your mobile phone bill? Odds are, it’s been a while- if at all! But what better way to get excited over a cell phone plan if it costs next to nothing for all of the latest features? If you aren’t already up in arms, ready for the new (free) technology, prepared to get excited

Every second there are thousands of tiny packets of information being shot into space, where it hits satellites only to be shot back down to different locations. We call this process text messaging- perhaps the world’s most popular form of communication when a full-blown conversation isn’t possible.

But we can bypass the satellite altogether, as well as the fees associated with text messaging, by using the Internet. We can take advantage of a server’s power to send and receive packets of information to route our text message to its destination.

Not all cell phone carriers allow their users to use free services via the Internet. Other providers only allow free text messages to be sent to other users of the specific carrier. Either way, using the internet can drastically cut down on the number of text messages being used- which can likewise cut a bill exponentially.

Free Ringtones

In the old days, every single ringtone cost money. Long gone are the days when just one song cost enough money to make cell phone users do a double take before purchasing anything. Now with the advent of new technology, ringtones and other media can be had for free.

Sharing technology such as Bluetooth allows devices to connect without wires. Files and information, such as ringtones, can be shared via this connection. Other phones have ports that can connect to other devices such as a computer- where the same effect can be achieved.

Not every mobile carrier allows for this operation- as they are closed to third party applications and services. Nevertheless, most carriers allow for this functionality. The free ringtones are nice to have around to help liven up a boring mobile phone, not to mention they are great to socialize and share with friends.

Other Free Goods for Mobile Phones

In the majority of mobile phone sales, there is an option to sign a contract. Without a contract mobile phones can easily reach a couple hundred dollars. But by agreeing to a service agreement, users can get some of the latest phones extremely cheap: even free.

The only problem here is that a minimum time span of service agreement must be observed. If a phone breaks during this period, the user must have insurance (and pay a deductible), or buy a completely new phone. Opting out of the service instead warrants a fee, which is usually just as expensive as a new phone would cost.

Other benefits can come as a direct result of service agreements. Everything from reduced prices to increased text messaging and minute plans can be benefited from. If one’s cards are played right, mobile phones don’t have to be near as expensive as they are usually. The ringtones, media, text messaging, and even the phone itself can be had free if the right strings are pulled.

The next time you pull out your mobile phone bill and you exhibit a frown, perhaps it’s time to start engaging in the fore mentioned plans of free mobile phone goods!

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